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For information, contact Dr. Charles Diesendruck at charles@technion.ac.il


Mechanochemistry is the use of mechanical force to drive chemical reactions. Our group will study new chemical transformations that lead to change in materials properties, creating smart mechanoresponsive materials.

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At the interface of synthetic chemistry and materials science…

Mechanical forces in different polymer architectures
In this project, we will synthesize polymers with various architectures and study what bonds are broken when we apply damaging mechanical forces to them. We will use molecular–sized force probes, and study changes in properties such as size, shape, intrinsic viscosity etc. using state-of-the-art analytical techniques. These studies will lead to a fundamental understanding of how mechanical forces distribute in polymer chains, and will be used to develop mechanically robust macromolecules.

Development of new chemical transformations
Most new chemical reactions are developed with a goal in mind, typically the preparation of a specific material, natural product or a new drug. The goal of this project is to focus on troublesome or inaccessible chemical transformations without a specific target in mind and exploit the full power of different chemistries in order to develop new, simple chemical reactants and reactions. The initial focus will be on the preparation of charged molecules and topological bonds.


Current Members

Kanika Aggarwal

Ph.D. student
contact: kanika at technion.ac.il
joined: 10/18
before: M.Sc. in Polymer Chemistry, IISER Bhopal, with Prof. Aasheesh Srivastava
- Metallopolymer anion-exchange membranes
favorite food: Chole Bhature.

Or Galant

Ph.D. student (with Prof. Davidovich-Pinhas, Biotech. Engineering)
contact: gorr at technion.ac.il
joined: 05/15
before: B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Technion
- Controlling mechanical properties by intramolecular crosslinking
favorite food: Seafood.

Sinai Aharonovich

Senior Researcher
contact: sinai-ah at technion.ac.il
joined: 08/16
before: Post-doctoral researcher, Stanford University, with Prof. Robert M. Waymouth
- Synthesis of tetraryl ammonium salts
favorite food: Stuffed vegetables.

Avishai Levi

Ph.D. student
contact: avishail at technion.ac.il
joined: 05/15
before: M.Sc. in Organic Electrochemistry, Ben-Gurion University, with Prof. James Y. Becker
- Mechanochemistry as a function of architecture
favorite food: Chicken, herb rice and cooked vegetables.

Iris Melnik

Ph.D. student
contact: iris.melnik at technion.ac.il
joined: 10/15
before: M.Sc. in Chemistry, Technion
- Polymer folding effect on physical and chemical properties
favorite food: Pasta.

Nansi Gjineci

Ph.D. student (with Prof. Dekel, Chemical Engineering)
contact: nansig at technion.ac.il
joined: 08/16
before: M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, with Prof. Epaminondas Voutsas
- New anion exchange membranes
favorite food: Spinach pie.

Sapir Willdorf-Cohen

Ph.D. student (with Prof. Dekel, Chemical Engineering)
contact: sapirwil-m at technion.ac.il
joined: 04/17
before: M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Technion, with Prof. Dario Dekel
- New anion exchange membranes
favorite food: Pizza.

Sally Nijem

Ph.D. student
contact: nsally at technion.ac.il
joined: 01/19
before: M.Sc. in Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with Prof. Elad Gross
- New small-molecule releasing mechanophores
favorite food: Laban Immo.

Oleg Gouli

M.Sc. student
contact: olegguli at technion.ac.il
joined: 04/19
before: B.Sc. in Chem. Engineering, Technion
- Gas releasing mechanophores
favorite food: Steak.


  • Maayan Hirsch
    M.Sc. Student
    now at Terragenic ltd (Israel)

  • Shubhendu Dhara
    Post-doctoral researcher
    now at West Bengal State University (India)

  • Feng Wang
    Post-doctoral researcher
    now at Changchun University of Technology (China)

  • Shlomy Arava
    Visiting student
    now a Ph.D. Student @ Technion
  • Simon Ulka
    M.Sc. student
    now at LPI Ingenieurgesellschaft MbH (Germany)

  • Zakhar Prilutskiy
    Visiting student

  • Ying Song
    Post-doctoral researcher
    now at Nanning Normal University (China)

  • Adam Brill
    Visiting student
    now a Ph.D. Student @ Technion

  • Undergrads
  • Arad Lang
  • Michal Burck
  • Elad Gaver
  • Reut Shechter
  • Dolev Brenman
  • Hadar Goldstein
  • Rachel Swartzberg
  • Roi Feinstein















Charles E. Diesendruck, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

contact: charles@technion.ac.il

Dr. Diesendruck received his B.Sc. in analytical and environmental chemistry from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. After serving in the army and working a few years at Chemada Fine Chemicals, he returned to BGU to complete a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in organometallic chemistry with Prof. N. Gabriel Lemcoff.

Dr. Diesendruck was a postdoctoral fellow in materials chemistry at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, working at the Autonomous Materials Systems group with Prof. Jeffrey S. Moore.